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Ask To Slender Man

Puedes preguntar en españ⊗l, ⊗r y⊗u can ask in english... if y⊗u dare...
Feb 8 '14

asklinoone asked:

Yeah. I was grounded for a while so I didn't have my stuff but I'm back for the weekend!

ooohh!! greatt!! send me your friend code when you can uvu do you want any starter??? like, literally, even the pokebank ones, i have one of each, also a meowth and a misdreavus, i can breed them for you uvu

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Jan 24 '14


How about a little shiny pokemon giveaway?

Rules are:

•This contest is for my followers only (new followers will be counted too of coarse)

•Likes/reblogs both count as one entry each

•3 winners will be chosen (1st place winner picks 4 pokemon, 2nd and 3rd get two each)

•Winners will be selected with a random number generator on January 25th

Good luck everyone!!!

Jan 2 '14


how to pronounce “dangan ronpa”

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Dec 22 '13

“Neal’s level of confidence and intelligence are both so high that it was really intimidating at first. When we first started shooting, there were a lot of things I had to affect, and a certain amount of his character that I had to maintain on set just to stay in that zone. I’m not someone who wants all eyes on me when I walk into a room, so I had to muster up a lot of courage in the beginning. I’m sure my co-stars found this really obnoxious. As time has gone on, the distance between Neal and I has narrowed a bit, and I find it a lot easier to slip into his skin”. - Matt Bomer

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Dec 21 '13

just press play, you will not regretimage

Dec 20 '13

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Dec 20 '13






i cant take australians seriously because of the didgeridoo


u wonna fite m8 ill smash ye fuckin head in


u sure u wanna didgeridothis


oh no you didgeriDIDNT


Dec 20 '13


dont you hate it when you reblog the same post twice in a row??

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Dec 19 '13
Dec 17 '13